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Essener Herz- und Gefäßtagung 2018
5. Rhein-Main Herztage
Update Chronische Herzinsuffizienz und mehr
Düsseldorfer Herz- und Gefäßtagung 2018
Young Topics in Cardiology 2018
Cardio Symposium Bonn 2018
11. Heilbronner Frühlingssymposium
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Über C.T.I.    

How we work for it.

The way how C.T.I. works for you, could be decisive for your future site selection.

Our working profile we strive to meet the wishes and expectations of our current and potential customers as much as possible.

Manageable size

C.T.I. has ten permanent employees, which means that we work flexibly during Project operations as a team. In addition, there is a network of solid, freelancer different disciplines, which are being incorporated as required and task in our team.

Specialized in healthcare

C.T.I. specializes since 1989 in Healthcare. Here we know what were are talking about. We do not want to be allrounder - witch can not do it right at the end. Your advantage!


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